Thursday, May 14, 2009

OK... Here We Go!

So, yay. This is my Soap Blog. Why blog on soap? Well frankly, it's my most recent obsession.

My first foray into soap came because I am a cheap bugger. I didn't like how much I was paying for laundry soap. So I looked to see if there were any homemade alternatives. There was. After a few months of that I figured, that wasn't for me. But that got me curious. And when I'm curious... look out. The Quest was on. After many trips to the library, hours of web searching and putting together all of the right tools, I was ready to try making soap. So I did and haven't looked back. (I have yet to attempt my own laundry soap, although I've eyed a few recipes. Ill let you know if I ever do it.) So after making a few successful bars of soap, I began giving them as gifts. Soon, people were asking to buy my soaps and so Sandbar Soaps was born.

I make all of my soaps using the cold process method. I've tried the hot process, and I prefer the end product of the cold process better. The short version is that I make a batch of soap and pour it into molds. The soap then sits in the molds for about three days. Then they come out of the molds, dry and mellow out. The harder the bar... the longer it will last. I like my soap to dry out for six weeks. I can't ever wait that long though. :)

In this first post, I'm posting the pictures that I've taken of some of my soaps.

Lemon Creme

Yes, that's "creme" not "cream." If this was a milk soap, it would be "cream." This soap is made with all Vegetable oils, Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil. The freckles come from a lemon tea blend and it is scented with lemon essential oil.

This is the end of my first post. I have to go watch the LOST Season Finale. That said, if you are interested in any of my soaps I would be delighted to make you some. Just e-mail me at: sandbarsoaps at gmail dot com. More to come! - H


  1. Thanks Sam! I'm having so much fun with them. Maybe someday I can figure out how to make edible soap. Not sure if that even exists! *Puts that on her "things to google list."*