Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a comin' for you, bear.

"Ooooh noooo!"

Mondays are often times a day that is devoted to catching up with myself after the weekend. I suppose it is that way for most people. I did make some lavender soap today, so I'll have a fun picture to share later in the week.

Meanwhile, I did a lot of thinking today about what my next project will be. I'm definitely excited to dive into a oatmeal, milk & honey project. But I'm unsure if I should do a layered larger box mold, or make multiple smaller bars that have a bottom oatmeal layer with a top honey layer.

Anyone care to toss me out an opinion or suggestion? Meanwhile, I lined a box in case I decided to go with that. I have yet to do a home made lined mold. Looks fine to me.

Box mold? Or sarcophagus?

- H

1 comment:

  1. Either way bear says d'oh!!


    Either one sounds great, just let me know when they're ready.. I'm assuming we can't eat these either? harumph!