Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Desserts

I get tons of soap inspiration from foods. I will often sit and have soap brainstorming sessions solely based on food. It's just fun really.

But, I thought I knew my desserts, I really did. I've traveled some, and when you travel... you eat out. And when you eat out, you get to try whatever local specialty they've got.

Well. Last year I got to go spend some time with some great friends for a weekend away. I got to eat some pretty yummy stuff. But I also got to sit and brainstorm. There's something about the lingering taste of pancakes and maple syrup, right? Well hang on. I'm a texture person, and these mamma jamma's were cooked with lots of FROSTED FLAKES in the batter and fresh strawberries. Super decadent. Wait. I'm off track.

Back on topic. I was brainstorming and one of my friends recommended that I do a Raspberry Coulis soap. Sure. Why not. I got this amazing soap fragrance oil from Bramble Berry called Raspberry Porter recently and I figured this was my big chance.

This friend of mine (you know who you are) also LOVES hearts. Raspberry Coulis Hearts. So it is. But it turns out that a Coulis is actually a sauce. I guess I was thinking of a Clafoutis, which is kind of like a cobbler of sorts. So... there I was... mixing, pouring, coloring. Generally trying to loosen up a little. I was having fun even! (Actually if you are a Facebook "liker" of Sandbar Soaps, you got a sneaky peeky.)

Today I took pictures of the little babies. And what we have here people, is Raspberry Chiffon Hearts!

I really love these. I used a melt & pour base with shea butter. I wasn't going for perfection. (Can you tell I'm working on that?) So there are these cool little textured bits on the sides. (i.e. Cracks.) Normally, cracks would send me over the edge... but I like them here. They make the hearts look, dare I say, "rustic?" So that was my fun. Enjoy! - H

Monday, January 17, 2011

Over Thinking. It's a Problem.

In my little soap world, 2011 is all about focus. Over thinking can really throw a wrench in trying to focus. Creative, yet up tight people are like that. How can I create, yet totally be a control freak about my project? (And yes, I just called myself "creative.")

This most recent soap was a great exercise in not over thinking but just going for it. And here’s the outcome:

I really wanted to play with my brick red pigment. The control freak guy on my left shoulder told me that if I used red, it would turn pink. "So what," says the recovering sod who was once spontaneous a million years ago.

So yeah, I hear you out there... "oooh! Red mica... wild living." Well all I have to say about that is, "It takes all kinds... and I guess I'm that kind." Broken down, you've got my preferred blend of oils, shea butter being the star, boosted with sunflower oil and scented with Black Tea fragrance oil. It's a complex scent. Not your southern sweet tea... but a dark, smoky blend. One for a black eyeliner day. Not that I ever have those...

Meanwhile... windy yet dry makes for an excuse to go to the lighthouse.

Next up... CP swirls. - H

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Fitting Beginning

At the end of 2009 I posted a quick thank you to everyone out there who's been joining me on my Sandbar Soaps adventure. I'd like to do the same as we crack open 2011. 2010 was simply amazing. I learned a lot about myself, my business and of course, my soapies.

When I'm busy though, the first thing to go is the blog. It's not that I don't have anything to say... it's just that once I start this conversation with myself, I'd like to offer myself a seat. And some coffee. And probably a cookie. Pretty soon we're having a good old time and I'm behind in most of the rest of my endeavors. (Have I mentioned that I am never bored?)

So that is a long and round about way of saying "thank you." You're the best. And I'm sorry I haven't posted since the month of April.

So let's get this party started:

Chipotle Caramel Hot Process. Oh my.

Everyone like this one. It's got cocoa butter which compliments the deep sweetness. Cranberry seeds visually simulate the redness of chipotle peppers.

Oh. And look out. I now have a Dremel. Just you wait.