Monday, March 21, 2011

Really now. It's not like I don't have anything to say.

By now you know that blogging is something that I do in fits and starts. I had a particularly productive week last week so, you know the back of the mind says, "Cool. Stuff to blog about."

No good deed goes unpunished though, and as a result I've been having image issues. Not "that" kind of image issues... the jpg kind. Sheesh.

Anyway. No images will upload to my Sandbar Soaps Facbook page directly from my computer. This is a complete hassle since I keep everyone up to date on the soap thing there.

So with no further ado... let me attempt to introduce you, for the 48th time, my most recent soap baybee!

Coconut Rose

Hooray. It worked. So this tells me that this is a Facebook problem. So for the short term... I won't be able to share my photos right to my Facebook wall. Wah. But for those of you who like me to blog... I'll be spending a little more time with you.

And of course, as I type, I am hearing the FedEx guy THROW my soap materials delivery on to the porch (and I'm a little worried about broken glass.) So until next time... adios. -H