Monday, January 17, 2011

Over Thinking. It's a Problem.

In my little soap world, 2011 is all about focus. Over thinking can really throw a wrench in trying to focus. Creative, yet up tight people are like that. How can I create, yet totally be a control freak about my project? (And yes, I just called myself "creative.")

This most recent soap was a great exercise in not over thinking but just going for it. And here’s the outcome:

I really wanted to play with my brick red pigment. The control freak guy on my left shoulder told me that if I used red, it would turn pink. "So what," says the recovering sod who was once spontaneous a million years ago.

So yeah, I hear you out there... "oooh! Red mica... wild living." Well all I have to say about that is, "It takes all kinds... and I guess I'm that kind." Broken down, you've got my preferred blend of oils, shea butter being the star, boosted with sunflower oil and scented with Black Tea fragrance oil. It's a complex scent. Not your southern sweet tea... but a dark, smoky blend. One for a black eyeliner day. Not that I ever have those...

Meanwhile... windy yet dry makes for an excuse to go to the lighthouse.

Next up... CP swirls. - H

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