Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The glue on the bottom here is to make the box level. Pretty!

Amazingly, I still do not have the flu. Everyone around here is getting better (for those of you who want to know) but they aren't well yet. They are however, circling the refrigerator like sharks wondering when the jello will be done. That's a good sign.

After everyone went to bed last night I stayed up and got some soaping done, so pictures will come soon. Otherwise, today I made some box molds!

I have a couple of box molds that I love. They have liners in them and all I have to do is make the soap, and not worry too much about the lining. Well, I wanted more. So I bought more. But something went all wonky with the vendor, so I haven't received them. Wah. So... I sat up googling trying to figure out a work around. However, I want my work around to not involved spending any more money. So that eliminates buying 20 pounds of liquid silicone. Maybe next year.

I found this really interesting article on how this taxidermist makes silicone molds for his... er... dead things... using 100% silicone caulk and acrylic paint, so that is a nice little DIY project that I may try.

So at any rate, I took a cardboard box, did some measuring and made myself two molds today. I wrapped each side of the box in packing tape to help protect it from soap leaks. Then... I got my glue gun and sealed up all of the edges. I then line the box with freezer paper. Once the soap hardens, you just lift the freezer paper out with the soap. In theory... this should work great.

We'll find out! - H

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