Thursday, May 21, 2009

I swear I'll stop taking pictures of these now.

Lavender - These guys are pretty. The swirl is good and goes all the way through.

I know I've been doting on these two bars this week, but I've had a setback. So they've been getting all of the love. I tried to make a CPOP batch and failed.

CPOP is when you make the soap as usual, then put it in the oven for... er... I thought 2 hours. But now I'm not sure. I ruined it and now it's in my trash bin. Along with all of my hopes and dreams of shortening my cure time. *sigh*

So this morning I got back on my horse and made a batch of cocoa... and a batch of what I'm calling "Mr. Bumble's Oatmeal Soap." Mrs. Bumble (me) forgot to put milk and honey in... so instead of being Oatmeal, milk and honey... it's just oatmeal. It will still be good though. My mind must be somewhere else today.

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  1. Don't you dare stop posting pictures! :) They're amazing. Love the Mrs/Mr. Bumble's name (blame the mess-ups on the Mister)