Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun with scraps!

Happy Saturday!

At the the moment I have two sizes of soap. The round one here is about 3 oz and the square ones you've seen are between 5-6 oz.

Lavender - Yes. I cut a hole in this and hung it from a tree. It is so pretty and scented with Lavender Essential Oil. Made with all vegetable oils including Almond, Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Coconut and Olive Oils. Soap is pretty cool in that soap scraps, like what's left from the hole of that lady lavender there, can be used for other purposes. Nutty people like me can find the humor in soap. Like maybe... special talents... like, being able to balance soap on your chin.

I tell ya, those Yoga people can do some pretty impressive things. No? Not funny? Hm.

Scraps like these can be used. I can give bigger ones away as samples. Of course, I use them myself too. So "scraps" translates into "mine! mine!" sometimes. Other scraps like the cool pink ribboney ones in the photo can be put in soap bars. Pictures to come of results of that in a future blog, I'm sure.Some us though, just like to stick our faces in a cup of soap scraps and just take a big whiff.

Time to mow. See ya! - H


  1. what a darling darling Darling Blog! I so see your personality and I love it!

    love that "holey" soap! would you mind if the inspiration imposed by the cuteness of this pic caused me to also make one? normally I hate copycats, but this is too dern cute!

    i hope that you are not like me and have so many supplies ratholed that you cannot find them!

    happy soaping, and happy creating!

    actually, i just got back from a trip to the HOme Depot where you see I have this passion for color. so i frequent the paint section and collect those lovely little brochures of collections. they inspire me!

    i just got off the coach where I was literally eating them with my eyes and envisioning so many delicious things......

    i only mentioned this because yours "scraps" look very much like some of the "collections" i came home with!!!!!!!!

    i'll check in again soon!!!!!! maybe we can be "friends" and encourage one another!
    aka katw0man

  2. Thanks Katw0man!
    Poke holes at will! Thanks so much for asking. If end up posting about it... would you mind just linking back to my blog for credit? :)