Friday, June 12, 2009

This whipped soap is dedicated to my friend who's name starts with a "B."

You never really know how your friends will feel about you putting their name out there for the world to see... so why take chances?

So I had coffee with my friend a week or so ago, (we'll call her "Bunny") and of course, the conversation turned to soap. First of all, Bunny is very punny. She greeted me by saying, "if you sell your soap, is it laundered money?" Now... that is extremely punny. But I am a dim wit, so it took me a minute to get it. Anyhoo, she asked me if I could make whipped soap. I never had. And frankly, I found the prospect to be terrifying.

In order to make whipped soap, you whip your oils until they're fluffy. Then, you add chilled lye water. I use lye water, but I don't know if I am graceful enough to chill it and then add it to a mixer. I can get a little clumsy at times.

At any rate... I toyed around with my soap tonight and I think I may have had a successful experiement.

They look like chocolate macaroons don't they? I used the largest frosting tip that I had. I'm not very experienced in the old cake decorating so I'm a little green in my piping skills. All of us at the house were pretty excited about the result. I even put a little Snickerdoodle fragrance in there. The consistency was just like chocolate mousse. I'm very pleased. The next hoop these little guys have to jump through is... drying. Not sure how quickly they're going to harden. But as soon as they do, I'm giving them to "Bunny."

Another way that I used this whipped soap is by joining two pieces of soap together to make a not your everyday soap ball.

I'll share another picture after the center dries and I clean it up a bit. But I kind of like it. It's perfectly round.

My lavender project is on hold. The lavender soaked up all of the oil, so I have to wait until my other bushes bloom. It'll just be another week or so. I think I need to pack a lot more blooms into the jar.

That's all the soap news I have for now. - H

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