Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm running out of clever blog titles... Bubble Gum,

This is the latest bar of mine to come out. It's a new formula that's heavier on Palm & Coconut Oil. It also has almond oil, shea butter and avocado oil in it. It makes a harder bar. This one I'm calling Bubble Gum. I blended essential oils (vanilla, pomegranate, melon) and a fragrance oil from Brambleberry called Energy and the bar smells like... Bubble Gum. It has little chunks of Vanilla Pomegranate soap in it.

Now for some big news... my molds came today!!! Yay! There are three pictured... but I bought six. This is really going to help me produce at a level that I am happier with.

Later this week I am going to try to make some 4th of July themed bath bombs. I can't wait to show you how they turn out!

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  1. Just ask us we'll come up with some names for you.