Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spa Bar Results

This was a very interesting soap experience for me. I did a bunch of new things all at once and learned a lot. But it was also a success, so I'm happy. First of all, I used the molds that I made out of tape, cardboard and hot glue. And then any leftovers went into little silicone bowls.

I lined the molds with freezer paper using a folding method that is supposed to prevent your soap from leaking onto your mold. Mostly a success... but there's a little leaking in the corners. But it doesn't mess up the end shape of the soap. So, who cares. Due to my glue gun fest on the edges the leaks didn't go through, and that would be a real mess.

So there you have it. Shampoo bar on the left, and salt bar on the right. Interesting to note... I tested the pH of these and they are a little more alkaline than a normal bar of soap of mine is. The good thing is that I know why. Normally, my molds are pretty well insulated, but since these were made out of cardboard the heat escapes a lot quicker. The chemical reaction takes longer in a colder bar of soap. These guys will be just right after they cure. I'm pretty jazzed to use them.

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