Friday, June 5, 2009

Spa Day... ha!

Not really. But that's my soap project I'll be starting later today. I'm going to make (for myself) a shampoo bar, and then a salt bar from the same batch of soap. So it's kind of like my own personal spa kit. Get it? I've never made a salt bar, but you can bet I'll share pictures when I have them.

Meanwhile... I've been reconciling myself with some soaps that I stuck in a box because I hate them.

Here's the story. I thought it would be a really yummy idea to put vanilla bean paste in a batch. Sounds good, right? Well... it could be better. Turns out it looks really cool... but the soap ends up smelling like really strong men's cologne. Not my fave. So I did the old "NO! NO! NO!" routine and boxed them all up.

A few weeks later, I pulled them out. I figured I'd just grate it up and wash my towels with it. Funny thing though... the scent had faded. So this is how they turned out.

My camera doesn't take very good close up pictures. But they're good. The soap to the left I tried to bevel. I don't know why I thinkI can have a perfectly even bar of soap. So I tested out a bar & I like it. Not so much for me... in terms of scent, but I'm sure someone will like it. It's the bourbon, I'm sure.

I have a busy weekend so ciao 'til next week! - H

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