Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cute as a bug.

Like my super-cute prototype ladybug?

Other cute things...

This jar of Peach Vanilla Bean jam I bought at the Farmer's Market.

And this tea! Hand blended by Amanda of Isla Botanica. I wish I would have taken a picture of the package it came in, but I forgot. I gave it to a friend. And saved half for myself. Yum.

It's a black tea called Vanilla rose. Real locally harvested rose in there. Amazing. Click on the image for a closer look. Seriously. There's a rose petal in there that looks like a seashell.

All for now. - H


  1. Y'all ever had that tea called Patty LaBelle? It smell and taste just like a rich lady's perfume.

  2. Hi Rondell! I've never heard of that tea. I'll have to search for it.

  3. Maureen wants ladybugs to crawl into Compost It. Can we sell them in there?