Monday, August 10, 2009

The cupcake reveal...

I am really happy with how my cupcake soaps turned out. Two are already gone. And I think I want to give one to my mom... so maybe I should just plan on making another batch right away. I am not known for my cake decorating skills, so the frosting isn't perfect looking, but I'm satisfied.

If it weren't for the fragrance oil, these would be all natural. The bottom is carrot cake scented, with cocoa butter, cinnamon and honey. The top is cream cheese frosting scented with shea butter.

Think next time I'll do a swirl frosting. Looks better, I think. - H


  1. Yum, the fragrance combo sound fantastic! I love the imperfection of the frosting. It gives the cupcake a very authentic look =)

  2. H~ YUM! The cupcake smelled heavenly! Funny story, though: My FIL was staying with us & the cupcake soap was in a cup by the kitchen sink -making it an authentic CUP-CAKE (har har.) Anyway, he started putting carrot peels in the cup and I said, (nicely) "What are you doing?" He said, "Isn't this compost?" He thought the cuppycake was REAL! So congrats! Your soaps are REAL good! :-)