Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Happy Place

Note: What you won't see pictures of in today's post:

1. Me & my girls at the gas station trying to pump air into my vertical soap mold and having no luck.
2. Me at my local hardware store getting 2 ton glue to fix the seal on said vertical mold.

I am relatively confident that I'll get the soap out of my vertical mold by the end of next week. How's that for confidence? Meanwhile... today was a long day of soaping away. Pictures of soap will have to wait because yesterday we lived in our happy place. Yaaaaaaaaay!

This is one of the amazing dragonflies that hangs out in our yard. They are huge and I love them.

In the mornings I try and spend time in the garden when it's quiet and cool. The quiet is what I like best.

While I'm out there, I snitch peas.

And I spoil the bunny. After that I do stuff. You know. Clean. Laundry. Buy milk. Make trips to the library. Make stuff. Break stuff. Glamorous stuff like that.

Until the bat phone rings and then we go to the beach. And we wait. And play. And if we're lucky...

... we see whales. Not the best photo... but hey. Whatever. Not bad for a quick trip to the beach. -H

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  1. Scotty ate our first pea yesterday! And I'm loving the idea of spending the day at the beach...maybe in a year or two we'll join you :)