Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching Up!

Well! I've been nicely busy! Nice in that it's manageable. I am never, ever, bored.

Edit 11:20am - I saw this *great* dragonfly this morning. Had to insert it into the blog!

So let's see... last week one of my projects was trying to dislodge some soap out of a round mold. This particular mold is an air assist mold which has worked great in the past, but this time the seal broke. There I was looking at a really nice smelling PVC pipe.

Ugh. So I set out to fix the seal. Which I did. The problem was that the seal in the soap tube was stronger than the two top epoxy. So the air assist wasn't going to work. The seal is still plenty usable. All is not lost. I just have to fix the other parts of the mold now. Because I broke it.

But in the end, four cans of veggies and some serious force... we got it out.

And the end result is worth it.

I will be able to fix the mold and use it again. I've also found a liner to use in it. The soap meanwhile, is curing on the rack. It's nicely scented with Red Apple fragrance. I'll let everyone know when it's in the Etsy shop. -H

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