Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sweet smelling soapies.

Way too much fun. Two totally different soaps for custom orders.

These cute little bones are for a dog loving family. Gingersnap scented with oatmeal and a smidge of cinnamon. It's a really nice bar that gets a real boost from some really great oils including cocoa butter, apricot kernel and shea butter.

Cute little jelly beans. They smell just like them too. - H


  1. I was going to say they looked just like jelly beans. The little bones are really cute too.

    Next will be gingerbread boy.

  2. So so so cute! I love those little jelly beans. Did you wrap them all individually? Oh my my - that must have been a seriously tough job. =)

  3. Thanks Sam & Anne-Marie!

    They are wrapped individually! I think they are going in goodie bags at the baby shower they're going to. I thought it was going to be really tedious wrapping them... but my hands were cold so it was kind of nice having the heat gun keeping my fingers toasty. I wrapped them as I made them too, so it wasn't too bad. I only had a one cavity mold for them, so it was a long project drawn out over a few days.

    These little babies are scented with Bramble Berry's "Sugar Plum Fairy," by the way!