Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!

Well, I've been having loads of fun in soap-land. But the blog has been neglected.

So here is the roundup of my soap fun to date:

I have a new wholesale customer, and I end up with teeny tiny pieces of soap leftover. So... I turned the scraps into a lovely pink grapefruit, lime loaf with undertones of lavender (the scent in the scraps.)

Then, we have a photo of the 5 lb loaf of lavender cold processed soap.

And finally... the party favors I made for my daughter's birthday party. Scented Almond Biscotti. The kids loved them. :)

Enjoy! - H


  1. Heather. Love the 'broken glass' look of your soaps. Reminds me of recycled glass countertops. Check out this link and you'll see. http://www.vetrazzo.com/palette_bistro.html

  2. Oh, I just love these! I've still got the ones from this summer. I should order more soon, but I'm guessing you are swamped with xmas orders!
    They all look wonderful!

  3. I love your scrappy soap! It turned out great!

  4. Thanks everybody! I've been behind in blogging since I've been doing the wholesale orders. But I just got some fun molds in the mail today that I hope to blog about soon!

    JT - Never too busy for you!!!